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You can now connect to the server running Minecraft 1.8.

New features are not supported just yet, and there will most likely be a number of bugs. Please report any issues in this thread.

We will be switching chest protection plugin shortly. Instead of using signs to lock your chests, you will need to type /cprivate. Please make sure you have converted your chests when this change comes into place.
--Updated 8/31--
--Updated 8/27--
--Updated 8/25--
--Updated 8/22--
Hey All,

I just wanted to gather some ideas and put them all in a To-Do list for myself, Sam, and Chuck to look at and check off once we get things done. I want to make this public, so that way everyone can see what the plans are and how we will be progressing with the future of Worldscape.

Note: Items in BOLD are either currently being worked on, or finished!


[*:25v47dfv] Finish Spawn & Add portals and signs - 99.9% done :D
[*:25v47dfv] Create the Build Worlds
[*:25v47dfv] Create the Build Ranks & Perms
[*:25v47dfv] Fix WELimits (plugin) - working on it :) - Basically done, just waiting on the developer to update it!
[*:25v47dfv] Add info in each build world

[*:25v47dfv] New World coming when 1.8 is released!
[*:25v47dfv] Server will be rearranged so it is more based on economy!

[*:25v47dfv] Make Spawn
[*:25v47dfv] Release Server

[*:25v47dfv]Make new Lobby! - 80% done :D -- 95% now :) -- 100% done! Go check out the new lobby! :D
[*:25v47dfv]Connect chat on all servers - Done :D Put a ! in front of chat to talk globally.
[*:25v47dfv]Update/Reinstall everything - Done
[*:25v47dfv] Update/Start Advertising!
[*:25v47dfv]Purchase new banners/logos - Looking into it, bit pricey
[*:25v47dfv] Create donation ranks/perks :) Starting now
As you can see, we have our work cut out for us :P
BTW: Islands is basically Skyblock, but instead of a void, there is an ocean! And you can get to other islands using a boat :)

The website revamp is almost complete. There's a new design and new custom profile pages.

Accounts and posts have been transferred across from before, however if your username and password combination aren't working for some reason, please send me a private message either ingame or on the website and I'll fix it for you.
One issue I noticed was that threads in the Survival subforum hadn't transferred across correctly, and I've had to delete them.

It's highly likely that there will be issues here and there, if you spot one please send me a private message on the website.